Press on Nails Instructions

Start with basic preparation, be at room temperature. If your hands are too cold or too warm, the press-on nails may start peeling off too soon.

Cleanse your real nails. Wipe off all the traces of old nail polish, along with every speck of oil, grease, hand cream and dust. This an important step as having uncleansed nails will make the press-on nails peel away too quickly.

The next step is to corner the cuticles. Getting a manicure done before applying the press-on nails is one of the best things to do. However, if this is your last minute plan, just make sure to push down your cuticles with a pusher so the press-ons don't stick to them instead of the actual nail. You can also buff out any ridges but make sure you do not shine your nails ' a not-so-smooth surface will give a better grip.

Pick up the right size of press-on nails. Anything that's too big or too small will look untidy. Select the best press-on nails by placing the template over your actual nail, with the curved end up to the cuticle. Assure that the sides do not overlay onto the skin. You can trim them if necessary but do not touch the length at this time.

Now it's time to place and stretch the nails. Apply the press-on on your nail, starting at the base of the nail bed; place the curved end as close as possible to the cuticle without touching it. Then slightly stretch it over the top of your nail to make sure it lies stable. Try to place it accurately the first time as pulling it on and off will affect how well it stays on your nail.

Trimming off the excess is always the best step. Lightly polish the excess length over the end of your nail. Finally, file off the excess length using downward strokes.